Our mission

Making sustainable development and security management easier for our clients to implement and turning it into a growth factor for the performance, sustainability and integrity of their organizations or community living environments.

Our values

Knowledge sharing
Rigorous analysis

Solutions for integrity and sustainability needs

Five reasons to place your trust in us

One-of-a-kind Canadian consulting firm

We are the only firm in Canada to have developed expertise and services for two specific auditing fields: sustainable development performance audits and security and emergency performance audits.

Multidisciplinary team

At AUDITERRA, we believe that the auditing teams should have a mixed skillset and knowledge in environmental sciences or security management and management sciences and audit methodologies.

Attention to methodological details and standards compliance

AUDITERRA knows how important it is to use methodologies that reliably maintain professional standards, comply with internationally recognized best practices and are based on quality control and quality assurance principles.

Our sustainable development expertise builds your credibility

AUDITERRA’s services will help you build credibility in sustainable development or security/emergency management.

Project leadership experience

AUDITERRA brings to the table company Partners Jocelyn Girard and Marc-Antoine Ladouceur’s more than 17 years of experience. Whether it’s performance audits, impact assessments, program evaluation or risk analysis you’re interested in, they've done it—carrying out projects as a professional, consultant and manager across Canada.