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AUDITERRA is a Canadian consulting firm launched in 2017 that provides solutions in social and environmental impact assessments, as well as sustainable development studies, evaluations and audits. The firm also offers services in climate change adaptation.



AUDITERRA is a multidisciplinary team of consultants passionate about delivering an integrated approach to sustainable development. AUDITERRA supports its clients and their projects by making sustainable development key, whether it be for risk analysis, program evaluation, internal audits and impact assessment services, as well as strategic planning services.

AUDITERRA serves developers, NGOs, UN organisations, municipalities, and governments. The firm works with clients across Canada and in Europe, on regional, national and international scale mandates.

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AUDITERRA provides customized project solutions that are adapted to their environments and meets client needs by championing an approach based on properly understanding sustainable development and environment.

The firm provides impact assessment, risk assessment, policy/program evaluation and strategic planning that cover the following fields:

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental program evaluation

Strategic environmental assessment

International multilateral program performance

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Environmental program monitoring

A multidisciplinary team

AUDITERRA stands out from the competition thanks to its multidisciplinary team of experts who each bring something different to tackling sustainable development.

Marc-Antoine Ladouceur, B.Sc, M.Sc., leads environmental studies, evaluations, audits and  assessments. He is in charge of company’s consultants and contributors who are trained or experienced in environmental sciences, social sciences, engineering and regional planning.

The AUDITERRA team is known for its project management leadership in strategic planning projects and technical projects. Our team solves complex and multidisciplinary sustainable development issues, and provides innovative recommendations and solutions that are results-oriented.

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