Regional Planning and Environmental Studies

AUDITERRA offers land use, ecosystem and environmental assessment services, as well as sustainable development auditing and strategic planning services.

Regional Planning and Environmental studies services

Environmental assessments

AUDITERRA does environmental assessments of projects (Environmental and Social Impact Assessments [ESIAs]). Our team of consultants and contributors supports clients in defining, anticipating and assessing the biophysical and social impacts of their infrastructure or development projects prior to implementation.

ESIAs are relevant for multiple types of projects or development in transportation (roads, bridges), as well as for harbours (infrastructure repair, dredging), mining and energy (power lines and poles), whether the projects are located in aquatic, terrestrial, urban, agricultural or forest environments.

AUDITERRA works to obtain government approvals and to provide support for authorization and permit applications. The firm conducts ESIAs in accordance with existing legislation: the Environment Quality Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, and the World Bank’s “Environmental and Social Framework” for investment projects for some projects in West Africa.

AUDITERRA’s multidisciplinary team of experts identifies the potential environmental consequences of a project and proposes optimal measures to mitigate or compensate for negative impacts, following the steps of an impact study:

  • Characterization and description of the biophysical and human receiving environment through field inventories
  • Project variation proposals based on identified sensitive environments
  • Impact assessment based on regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Recommendation of mitigation and compensation measures for negative environmental effects
  • Social acceptability analysis
  • Development of environmental monitoring and follow-up programs

Finally, AUDITERRA conducts Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) for governmental organizations. An SEA fully and systematically assesses the effects of a government plan, program or policy, and proposes alternative solutions. It aims to integrate environmental considerations upstream of decision-making.

Territorial governance and Regional planning

Land use and regional planning ensure the land and territories are developed in a way that respects the balance between the social, environmental and economic variables in a living environment. Analyzing population needs, environmental conditions, the regional economic situation and living environments allows a land’s uses, and its natural and social resources, to be located and planned with an eye to sustainability.

At the very core of land use and regional planning is finding development possibilities, improving living environments, protecting the environment, encouraging sustainable transportation and remedying inequalities between regions, towns/cities, neighbourhoods, peri-urban areas and rural areas.

For AUDITERRA, adopting a planning outlook requires understanding and analyzing a territory’s biophysical and human components, its spatial dynamics and its planning problems and opportunities, all while taking into account the territory’s population.

At AUDITERRA, we always address land use and regional planning as a multidisciplinary issue. Here are the services we offer:

Support for political and socioeconomic decision makers in defining their communities’ strategic development visions

Land use development plans and urban planning studies

Land-use surveys

Regional economic development studies

Agricultural development plans for RCMs

Surveying and mapping of natural hazard zones in RCMs

Analysis and processing of socioeconomic and biophysical data related to demographics, urban sprawl, transportation, forestry, agriculture, risk-prone areas, etc.

Regional-park development planning

Geomatics spatial analysis and photo-interpretation

Geomorphological characterization of natural hazard zones

limate change adaptation recommendations or strategies

Mapping of flood and landslide risk zones

Biogeographical and ecological survey

Sustainable development auditing services

Sustainable development auditing consist of:

Performance audits and organizational diagnostics

Identifying organizational strategies, goals and indicators

Drafting sustainable development policies and action plans

Supporting an organization’s internal audit function

Developing methodology for internal audit and performance audit

Analysis, mapping and integrated management of organizational risks

Verification of environmental practices, data and liabilities

Evaluating sustainable development programs

AUDITERRA can support its clients in creating strategic plans or auditing and optimizing their activities, programs and policies, all of which results in:

Better risk mitigation and reduction measures

Improved financial, social and environmental performance

Better integration of environmental, social and economic dimensions

Increased oversight and better governance of roles and responsibilities

Compliance with laws and regulations

Greater efficacy of plans, programs and policies.